just ran into this one in the wild and I have to say, I really love how systemd is constantly finding new and exciting ways to break shit:


To the couple of people still using meows.life, I'm thinking of closing the instance down. Dealing with chronic illness while working has drained my energy and ability to put time into this, and we're several months behind on releases as a result.

I'm sorry- I wish I could just sit down and clean it all up nicely, but I'm seriously just too exhausted to make the effort anymore.

Does Mastodon have a way to share or propogate instance block lists? I need to do some housekeeping already but I'm pretty lazy.

Bloodstained review: Castlevania's is back baby. It's good again. Awoouu (Dracula Howl)

Shower me in mustelid boys such that I might touch them all.


airheads are revolting, I should have had an adult breakfast today.

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Custom emoji for the Mr Saturn font when?

save me having to read it and just let me guess that the article's contents boil down to:

"mastodon isn't in a constant phase of growth and that makes it an abject failure because my brain has been poisoned by capitalism!!!!!!!"


"anarcho-conservative"? That's some interesting window dressing of libertarianism.

The internet has gotten exhausting.

I really enjoy firesign theatre for the most part but at this point I feel like I'd really benefit from some sort of detailed guide to all the references to 60s/70s pop/counter culture. These plays are just insanely dense with the stuff.

Happy New year!

For 2019 I reside to:

Make some local friends and connect better with the online ones

Get a new kidney (this is /totally/ unrelated to #1

Lift more weights, pet more cats, eat more fruit+veg


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