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Arki J. Kirwin-Muller

Medical examiner says he was wacked out on some new drug called Murder Vacation. Found him naked at a Motel 6 screamin' 'The finance executives made me do it!'

This week I'm going to get to the doctor and get my rotator cuff looked at and treated in whatever way will make it heal fastest and best.

I'm so hoping that it's just minor damage because I don't want it to have to take months to heal.

I guess I'll also have to learn how to NOT do stuff like this again in the future.

@chr Oh hey, you're a local! What're you studying up at UW? I imagine it'd be something CS-related but for all I know it could be astronomy, or bioinformatics or semiconductor design for all I know :O

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this is bastet with her little catnip pillow :eo_heart_eyes_cat:

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@hellojed Also I got Distracted By Life and missed that you'd landed a new job. Congratulations!

I hope I can still take you out for that drink sometime :D

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