I was starting to think McDonald's fries didn't taste good to me anymore but after having some from the Kingsway and Victoria location that were fine, I'm thinking maybe the Main and Terminal location just doesn't change their fryer oil often enough.

Wow, the GarfieldEATS app has an update. I'm amazed it survived this long.

I went to return the Roland TR-8S drum machine I had rented but it turned out I had little enough left to pay off that it made more sense to just buy it out. So now I gotta decide if I'm actually going to use it or if I should sell it.

I just discovered that !important in CSS actually designates something that IS important. The use of !, which usually means 'not' in code, seems almost designed to be confusing.

Dang, I totally would’ve backed this stylus-based Getty-Dubay Italic handwriting app if I’d heard about it before the campaign closed. Fortunately they did meet their goal. handwritingsuccess.com/app/

Is it weird that I'm kind of psyched to be getting some grey hairs?

*upon meeting prince sidon for the first time in breath of the wild* well just call me hootie cause I'm gonna

It strikes me funny when we get the “Canadian winters are BRUTAL and will FUCK YOUR SHIT UP” advertising from the rest of the country considering what a relative non-event winter usually is here.

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Roses are red
Moon tensions erupt
Murder with rock
Would that be fucked up?

Trying to decide if I actually want a fursuit or if I just feel like I should want one because they've become such a focus in the fandom.

I feel like all these video games with progression systems have led me to a place where I feel like I'm wasting time if I play games that _don't_ have progression systems because I'm not "accomplishing anything", and that kind of sucks.

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I've realized I routinely have to stop myself from trying to pinch-zoom pictures on the rare occasions when I'm reading actual paper books, now.

Filled one of my fountain pens for the first time in a while.

“Don’t speak out about this! Tell us through the Proper Channels, where it’s much easier for us to disregard without causing a fuss!”

Got the amateur radio study guide but uggggh all the initial electronics stuff is about putting me to sleep.

Everything I read about making on-call "humane" feels like it's geared toward convincing me that it's okay and normal to have work break my boundaries and intrude on my personal life.

I looked at my battle.net friends list and some old guildmates were still playing WoW and I suddenly got nostalgic. But no, I definitely should not play WoW again.

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