Next time some rando asks me if I “wanna RP” I’m going to tell him to roll for initiative.

Werewolves don’t usually like salad, but they might give it a go if you swap out the lettuce for awoogula.

I've realized I can tell which of my cats is under my desk by their different fur textures as they brush by my legs.

Wait, wait, wait... Disney Plus _finally_ brought The Simpsons to streaming and then they fucked it up by messing with the aspect ratio? That is hilarious.

*deep breath*

Cutting the National Dex was never about assets but instead about the fact that at some point the series' balance design becomes untenable with a sufficient number of Pokémon and that's not a problem you can just throw money, time, and workers at.

I'd be a lot more interested in donating to Wikipedia if I hadn't had a front-row seat for the reprehensible behavior of Jimmy Wales' Wikia, trying to take over community resources and actively competing against communities if they decided to move on from the platform.

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I haven't quite figured out if Death Stranding is actually _fun_, but it sounds like I might need to check it out for the experience anyway.

Someday I’ll open my Pokémon-themed bar, The Vajazzled Salazzle.

Finally realized I wasn't getting new episodes of Mao Mao on iTunes anymore because volume 2 had started, oops, whoops.

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If that’s the demogorgon, just think about how scary the full version must be.

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Almost no boomer, but apparently I'm off-the-scale virgin.

Kinda wish I could keep voice chat on in Modern Warfare but I don't need to listen to children (both literal and figurative) yell at each other.

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