Meh, I barely post here anymore. If anyone doesn't have me on birdsite I'm at And yeah. I know it sucks.

Not going to close this account as I'm somewhat undecided about what to do going forward.

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Not the Bojack Horseman spin-off I wouldโ€™ve expected but ok.

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It's always weird when I see a link to a Tumblr page and remember that Tumblr still exists. It feels like the shell of an abandoned site nowadays.

Man, the terrible rebalancing of the Okumura fight in P5R has just about killed my interest in continuing. It's so bad.

The next Animal Crossing should be fully-voiced, except theyโ€™ve just hired voice actors to babble Animalese.

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70s song lyric:
Tonight when I chase the dragon
The water will turn to cherry wine
The silver will turn to gold
Time out of mind

Modern equivalent:

Gosh I sure do like doing heroin

โ€œProcreateโ€ ended up testing better with users than the drawing appโ€™s original name, โ€œFuckโ€.

It's weird how consistently the English VAs mispronounce the Japanese last names in Persona 5. In particular they almost always shift third-syllable stress to the second syllable (sa-ka-MO-to -> sa-KA-mo-to, ta-ka-MA-ki -> ta-KA-ma-ki, o-ku-MU-ra -> o-KU-mu-ra).

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Would a story about menstruation be a period piece?

If Daniel Radcliffe has kids I'm going to require him to change his name to Raniel Dadcliffe.

Another nice thing about the Parker 51: unlike most of my modern fountain pens, I can leave it unused for days on end and it still starts up immediately.

Weird how three of the four McElroy brothers started a podcast together but Rory just went off on his own to play golf.

Got a great stream sketch of Othello from PMoss!

Why do companies think it'll make me feel better if they force their service people to spew tons of meaningless platitudes like, "I understand your problem and how it can be frustrating and I will surely help you with blah blah blah..."? Just help me, sheesh.

Anyone got anything that would make a good bar that they could send me?

Trying to figure out the Chocobo Theme for on the Aerophone (in full sax mode)...

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