@pawcelot c'mon Fred you know they're bi... and you're bi too, just accept it.

Like, we all know what you and Daphne get up to when you send Velma off with Shaggy and Scooby, but you can't be wearing that ascot and singing show tunes and be *completely* on the straight and narrow.

@msh @pawcelot there was a whole tumblr post about the gang's sexuality that came to the conclusion that they're a pan polycule.

@pantransautie @PsyChuan @msh I don't have the original post, sorry, just this screencap my friend sent me.

@pawcelot this'd be perfect if fred was labelled "straight people" tbh

now i know that if i ever want to defeat a bisexual that it has enrage mechanics. @pawcelot

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