@Elizafox @BalooUriza I'm probably a bit of a roadgeek too. I love maps and spent countless hours drawing my own when I was wee.

When I roleplay Othello he makes a lot of silly little "mrrp"s and "meh"s and other assorted cat noises that are mostly based on the way Graves talks to me.

Hrrrrrmmmmmm, I kinda want the most recent Canadian Amateur Radio Basic Qualification Study Guide but I don't really wanna pay $20 to have a $45 book shipped. Anyone know if there's anywhere to get it locally?

Christ it's hot in my apartment. I'm starting to think everyone else who lives in this building is a tropical plant.

Based on the stuff I've looked at so far the exam doesn't seem that difficult, but I haven't gotten into the entirety of the material yet.

People who have Canadian ham radio certifications: Did you take a course, and if so, which one? Did you feel the course was worth it? Regardless of whether you took a course or not, how did you find the exam?

I wonder how much of this is attributable to Java initially representing them with underscores to make them valid identifiers. At least some, I imagine.

So apparently locale codes are represented more or less randomly using dashes or underscores and upper or lowercase characters after them depending on the software or service you’re using. Cool cool cool cool cool.

Running into some CMS-related problems that are making me feel like Ripley from Alien: youtube.com/watch?v=aCbfMkh940

Oof, apparently I need a ham radio license to fly any quad with a VTX signal strength of over 25 mW. Guess I'd better get on that.

Fortunately the TinyHawk's VTX signal strength is right at 25 mW.

Could get me a cool license plate, though.

Another one of those great Canadian 80s bands that never really broke out in the US: youtube.com/watch?v=1C_fVnE3xH

Everyone talking about ride-hailing here in Vancouver like it's an unalloyed good. Maybe we could at least try to remember that the main companies offering this service are pretty terrible, and treat their workers poorly and play it fast and loose with labor regulations.

I'm impressed that the AirPods Pro can transmit flawlessly anywhere in my apartment including through walls, considering some of my previous wireless headphones had trouble maintaining a signal between my pocket and my ears.

It’s funny when someone else around my age complains about millennials expecting me to agree, only to discover I basically consider myself one of them.

The AirPods Pro are pretty decent-sounding. Not as good as my Westones, but they could come decently close if I eventually find some good memory foam tips for them. The active noise-cancelling is pretty sweet (never had anything with it before).

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